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peach days on friday

Good things can happen if you put yourself at the right place at the right time. Today I went to the second night of the annual Peach Days celebration in Hurricane. I went to enjoy the live entertainment, view the art, photos, home goods, and quilts, and eat my traditional Navajo taco. I was definitely rewarded for my trouble.

Peach Days visitors can find a wide variety of things to see and do at the annual event, held at the Hurricane Community Center. From home arts displays, live entertainment, a wide variety of food, to a carnival, the gathering offers something for people of every age.

Inside the Fine Arts Building, the Zion Piecemakers Quilt Guild holds its annual show, which includes the opportunity to vote on your favorite quilt. Nickie Heying, who volunteered to sit with the quilts, said the quilt show is her favorite thing. She also likes the home crafts on the other side, and said that she loves “the way the community comes together and all support each other.” Nickie has lived in the area for seven years, but still considers herself a newcomer. She volunteers for the guild because she “digs the quilts” and loves to visit with people.

Dave Howard, of Laverkin, said his favorite thing about Peach Days is to see all of the friends he hasn’t seen in awhile. He and his wife Shelly often have to work and aren’t always able to make it, but this year they both had the day off and were able to come together.

Peach days divides the booths into several areas, including hand-made items, retail, and food booths. Sarah Robinson was there for her work with Tractor Supply store. At the booth she promotes their business, hands out coupons, and tries to match people up with things they need for the farm or around the house. Originally from California, Sarah moved here seven or eight years ago. She likes it here except for how dry it can be. She has come with her parents in years past. At first, the event seemed foreign. She had never seen anything like Peach Days where she came from before.

The last person I chatted with was Nick Scholzen, who said, “I’ve lived in Hurricane all my life—seventy-two and a half years.” He came to Peach Days when it was held years and years ago, and attended every time it has been held. His favorite thing about Peach Days is visiting with people and seeing everybody, and the entertainment. He likes how the community gets together, and we can visit, make new friends, and see our old friends.

Organizing Peach Days takes a lot of effort, and the committee who plan it begin meeting early each year. In addition to the things mentioned so far, you can find eating and cooking competitions, various talents for the live entertainment, including dance, cowboy poetry recitation, music, and more. It can get hot in the day, so if you go you might want to wear your straw hat or some sunscreen. Catch the rodeo on Saturday night, and smell funnel cakes and kettle corn until your heart is content. Maybe even buy a fresh peach and eat it.

Not only did I get to see friends at Peach Days, I found a pair of sunglasses I lost several months ago. They were in my stroller, which I have not used since the early heat wave in June. It just goes to show that if you go to Peach Days, you never know what good things will happen.

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Click to Download the Peach Days 2017 Agenda Below:

Peach Days Agenda 2017

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